There are many solutions in the market, but only one that delivers a central real-time view of your fleet and delivering value to all areas of your business; from the aircraft or business to the end customer. And that solution is FlyWatch™

The offering is specifically designed as a business tool for people with an aviation mind-set, and takes into consideration the unique requirements of aviation customers who want the business outcomes.



Flywatch's impressive track-record

FlyWatch™ provides real-time automation solutions to seamlessly manage all flight documentation in your operations, from the cockpit directly to your back office. From flight folio entries to flight leg data, charges accrued or defects detected, the FlyWartch™ reporting engine provides your organisation with a paperless online document management interface that saves you time, money and in the process make you more effective and productive.

FlyWatch.Pilot™ for Windows is an EFB shell program. This interface is a solid, native, standardized pilot interface and library management platform that is the result of years of business and aviation industrial development.

FlyWatch.Pilot™ for Windows, is a total solution that turns any Windows-compatible, tablet PC or laptop into a native, easy-to-use, guideline-compliant EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) for use during all phases of flight. This also forms the spine of the reporting engine that provides your business and end-users with a real-time interface on the cloud today.

AFI-Cloud™ provides the on-line execution environment from which this entire solution operates. This secure and reliable environment ensures that this solution is accessible from any network (Public or Private) from anywhere in the world. We also supply other IT services from the same platform that complement the operational improvements that this solution brings.

FlyWatch.Pilot™ Features Include

  • Online Flight Folio entries, details on flight leg data, charges during a flight and snags or defects to the back-office real-time
  • Business Reports based on flight folio data, report on unique data for your business or customer
  • Replace paper with electronically viewable and searchable documents
  • Synchronize your fleet aircraft information libraries rapidly and securely with an cloud auto sync feature.
  • Send Electronic documents to your fleet management.
  • Intuitive system time for EFB usage.
  • Standardize your fleet with one common secure database for ALL the aircraft in your fleet.

Other properties are

  • Standardized pilot interface for all Windows-based EFBs.
  • Optimized interface for launching predefined programs and performing software updates seamlessly without any interaction by the user.
  • Centrally Cloud managed configurations.
  • Controlled Environment for stability, security and simplicity
  • This gives you Real Time online reporting on your aircraft from anywhere.